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8-28-96 Wednesday

Are you self-centered or selfish? Are you willing to put forth maximum effort when you have nothing to gain? Well we should!! Paul encourages us in Phil 2 to let this mind be in us [Phil 2:5]. Verse 4 teaches us NOT to always seek our own interst, but others. 1Cor 10:24 even teaches us NOT to seek our own good, but rather seek the good of others! Don't misunderstand me, God does not want you to go without. But he does not want you to be sooo consumed with self until you don't help others. This principle really goes back to the 2nd law of Christ: love thy neighbor AS thy self. Man, if we could get a revelation on that verse, things in this life would be much better. Also, Christ wants us to be humble (phil 2). How many of us have problem with pride? I heard Bishop Snell say once, Humility is the ability NOT to defend ones own point of view (paraphrase). Selah (pause).. That's heavy... How many of us love to debate? Show someone we know our "stuff"? Be encouraged to "take the low" sometimes. You don't always have to be right! Oh, by the way, some of us are somewhat sly with our "want to be right" attitudes. We may not say much, but often give the famous reply " Well, I guess you're right". WHen inside we are saying to ourselves "He's way off base". Sometimes the expression on our faces even shows it! Anyway, be encouraged to "take the low" sometimes and seek the interest for others; even if it isn't a "win-win" situation (i.e., beneficial for you both). Two fingas.

1Cor 4:20 & Zech 4:6

8-27-96 Tuesday

REJOICE, because this is the day that the Lord has made[PS 118:24]!!! Be encouraged and know that you did NOT get saved, just to be saved!! God has a special place in the Body that He desires for you to function in!! He has individual(s) to bring into His Grace through you!! What does grace do for you?? Yes, grace is what saved you [Eph2:8-9] because you did NOT earn salvation! It is a gift from God because the justisce for all men is death (since ALL have sinned [Rom 3:23]), but God gives life [Rom 6:23]!! That's saving grace!! But after God saved you, He called you His workmanship (or "Masterpiece" as Dr. Evans says), created in Christ Jesus unto ("for") good works which God hath ordained ("prepared") that you should walk ('live") in them!!! Oooh, that is POWERFUL!! We must understand that we don't have to go out and "create" good works, because God has already laid them out for us! All we have to do is walk in what He has ordained for us! How do we do that? GRACE!! Remember in Titus, we were talking about denying worldly desires? Well, it is GRACE that is available to us [Tit 2:11] through which we deny ALL those things that are opposed to God [Tit 2:12]!! It is GRACE that gives us the POWER to live soberly, righteously, and godly[Tit 2:12]!! It is GRACE that makes us God's peculiar ("special") people who are ZEALOUS of good works[Tit 2:14]!! Isn't that AWESOME?!!? Don't always "draw" on the Grace Account because of sin and ungodliness, but be encouraged to cry out to God for MORE GRACE such that you will make God proud of His Masterpiece that He created, who is utilizing His Grace to carry out good works and live righteously!! Praise God! Be encouraged that YOU are GOD'S MASTERPIECE!!

Read that passage in Titus in context and ask God to reveal the things He wants you to learn from it!

8-26-96 Monday

If we know the end of the story, why do we live life in such defeated lives? Why are we always going through? Saints of God, you must get a revelation that when Christ died on the cross, He really did it ALL!!! THat's why in Jn 19:30, Jesus said that it IS FINISHED!!! Don't you know that the devil is defeated! But as a COG, he knows that he can NOT have you any more, because God said that once you are in His hand NO MAN can snatch you out[Jn 10:28]!! Hallelujah!! Jn 10:10 tells us that the devil came to kill, steal and destroy. Since he can not destroy you eternally, he wants to wreck your life (here) as much as possible. Why do we focus on the devil (or the "problems" in our lives)? Why do we focus on the problem instead of the Problem Solver? Actually, I here people quote Jn 10:10 often and it irritates me when they only tell half of the story, speaking only about what the "enemy" has come to do. THis is an exapmle of encouraging a defeated life. You're already beat down because your eyes are focused on the wrong things. The latter half of Jn 10:10 is my favorite which states Jesus came that we might have life more abundantly!! Christ is telling us to stop worrying about circumstances and focus on those things above and eternal [Col3:2-4]. God can give you whatsoever, but where is your heart? He wants your heart and for you to treasure Him[Lk 12:34]! Anyway, be encouraged to know that God wants you to live life more abundantly, He wants you to have your desires [Ps 37:4], you SHALL receive a crown [Jam1:12], you SHALL be saved [Rom 10:9-10], ALL your needs shall be met [Ps 23:1;Mt 6:33], and the accuser of the brethern (Satan) [Rev 12:10] SHALL be cast into the lake of fire forever [Rev 20:10] while you go on to Glory!!!! Now knowing this, that's why Jam 1:2 teaches us to count it ALL joy (right Chaundra!] and Rom 8:18 & 2Cor 4:17 tells us that our suffering today is a light affliction which can NOT be compared to our reward!! For we shall run and NOT faint.. [Is 40:31]! Besides, we should not get so frustrated in a battle that first of all AIN'T even ours [1Sam 17:47] and secondly is already FINISHED and WON when Jesus died on the cross! So, knowing the end, be encouraged to take a "chill pill" and maintain your JOY throughout the ride! And while you are at it, get a revelation of what it means "for me to LIVE is Christ and to die is Gain" [Phil 1:21]. Be Blessed!

8-23-96 Friday

Ask yourself, "Am I two-timing God?" Selah (pause)..... We must understand that as a Child of God [COG], we are married to Christ. But we must ask ourselves "Am I faithful?". Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Because God is a jealous God [Ex 34:14] and He DESRIES ALL of you!! Can we hang out with the Lord on Sunday and Tues./Wed. (some have mid-week service or Bible Study) and with the devil the other times (understanding that if it's not of God, then it's of the devil - there is NO IN BETWEEN!!)? Certainly Not! Mt 6:24 tells that NO MAN can serve two masters!! THat's why Titus 2:12 teaches us to DENY ungodliness and worldly lusts ("desires")! You know, why do we trick people by presenting the Christian life as being the "yellow brick road" or some sort of "rosy path"? Why do we make people believe that once Jesus saves them, ALL things will BE new? Well, true dat', we know that 2Cor 5:17 tells us that if any man be in Christ he is a NEW creature. But where is he new, IN his heart!! That's why Mt 5:8 says that only the pure at heart shall see God because Rom 7:18 helps us understand that this flesh ain't gonna ever get saved! We must understand that we still have some worldly desires that linger after we get saved. that's why that verse teaches us to DENY them. Besides, the only time they surface is when we are in the flesh ("thinking carnally"). That's why Gal 5:16 assures us that if we walk ('live") in the spirit, we SHALL NOT fulfill the lusts ("desires") of the FLesh!! Basically, as in the NIV, Just say No [Tit 2:12]!! So, why do we say yes to the devil ("our worldly desires") and two-time God? Don't you know that you are commiting spiritual ADULTERY!! And God hates that along with ALL sin ("iniquity") [Heb 1:9]!! You know, everybody wants there own "stuff"! You want your own car, house, job, HUSBAND, etc. And God wants his OWN "people"! THat's why He called you peculiar or "special" [1Pet 2:9]. When a person finds out their mate has be cheating ("two-timing" them), is that person happy? Does that person greet that mate and say, "Hi honey, glad you're home again. Glad you could drop in for a few minutes. Oh by the way, once a week is great!! Yes, it's fine with me! Just whenever you get some free time, drop by! Thanks for stopping in. Bye!!"?? Like Homey would say, NO, I don't think so!! Anyway, Stop two-timing God and giving Him your "residual" effort, time, etc. God wants your FIRSTFRUITS [Prov 3:9]!! Submit your ALL unto Him and stop cheating on your husbandman!!! Have a Blessed day!!!

8-22-96 Thursday

Continuing from yesterday, we must beware of the wolves in sheep clothing who claim to be apart of the flock or those who are saved that act like they are still "in the world". Paul warns Titus about this in Tit 1:10. He says that there are those who are insubordinate and vain talkers and DECEIVERS, especially those of the circumcision. OK, those of the circumcision in todays time are those that grew up in the church, they know the word, those that claim "I'm a good" person, ones that claim they know God, etc. THese are they that honor God with their lips ( they talk the talk) but their hearts are far removed from Him [Is 29:13]. 2 Tim 3:5 tells us that they even look the part (i.e., have a form of godliness). For these are they that creep in and lead others astray. YOu will find that they are always in church, at all of the meetings and conferences and continually learning "of God" but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. Basically there are people that can quote more scriptures that you ever will, but do not believe a word of it to be TRUTH. Therefore, be careful of whom you closely bond with. Especially when you are a "babe", this is really not good. Even though you may get tired of these people when their false nature is evident, you can't just "kick'em to the curb" (totally). Paul teaches us to rebuke them sharply such that they might be strong in the faith [Tit 1:13]. Nevertheless, Gal 6:1 teaches us that when you do, consider yourself and the fact that you were once like them. Like our advisor (in MIA) says, "look at you neighbor and tell them you too were once a Tit 3:3, but GLORY BE TO GOD that He saved, changed and rearranged you and now you are Tit 3:4-5!!! Well, maybe not all of you. YOu know some of us act like we've always been saved and came out of our mother's womb filled with the HOly Ghost like John [Lk 1:11-15](smile). Be Blessed!

Sheep Check: 2Cor 13:5: "Examine YOURSELVES...." Selah.... Now let me hear you say, Baaa .... Say Baa Baa ......, No somebody scream ....... Yeah, yeah, cause ain't no party like a Holy Ghost party cause a Holy Ghost party don't stop!!!! [just trippin' a little bit :)]!

8-21-96 Wednesday

I read Titus yesterday after reading one of the Brutha's replies from our group. Man, that little book is power-packed!!!! Ask yourself, do I know God or simply "of God"? I can hear the preacher say, "you say you know God, but look at your progam!" Be careful of those that claim to know God, but do not act like it [Tit 1:16]. The Bible says that we shall know them by their fruit [Mt 7:20]. Be careful however, before you place anyone in heaven or in hell, because Rom 10:6-7 tells us NOT to say who shall ascend or descend! Is this a contradiction? God forbid ("certainly NOT")!! God tells us that the sprititual man can discern ALL things [1 Cor 2:15] and we should use this discernment and the divine insight that He gives to determine who we should closely associate ourselves with, but certainly NOT to determine anyone's eternal fate [Mt 7:1]. [Note: the word "judge" in 1 Cor 2:15 means to discern whereas in Mt 7:1 it is used for condemnation]. Did you get that? Furthermore, those that you find who are off track, you should correct (If you are qualified - Gal 6:1!!). Why? Not to put them to an open shame or show that you know your stuff. Instead, rebuke them that they maybe be sound in the faith [1:13]! Also, make sure that your lifestyle is straight! Don't preach the Gospel people and live a life of disobedience and non-conformance. For even though you claim you know God, in all works you have become disqualified ("a reprobate")! Therefore, when you approach the unsaved you will stand "qualified" in their eyes and they can receive from God through you. Sometimes our witness in "messed up" because our lifestyles aren't consistent with what we say we stand for. Selah..... Remember as a COG, you are a part of the flock!! Therefore, do NOT take the word as condemnation [Rom 8:1] but rather be convicted and correct the wrong. Peace and Have blessed day!!

Teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world!!! Tit 1:12


Yesterday we agreed NOT to be discouraged and on the fact that God wants us to be encouraged!! God is saying to you, focus on ME, for I'm bigger than your problem. God wants you to cry out to Him for help and deliverance. Now, what happens if we cry out and we do not seem to get an answer (or at least the one that we want)? There are 4 reasons why we do not get what we ask for in prayer. I sent a message out last year that spoke about this, but only emphasized 3 things and sort of hinted to the fourth one. 1) we do not even bother to ask [Jam 4:2]; 2) we ask with selfish or impure motives [Jam 4:3]; 3) we ask, but we doubt [Mk 11:22-24]; or 4) we ask, but NOT according to His will [1Jn 5:14-15]. First of all, we MUST ask God for the things that we desire. But when we ask, we MUST believe (i.e., have faith [Heb 11:1]), doubt NOT, ask for the right reason(s), and ask according to His will. Now, Jn 15:7 instructs us on how we get answers to prayers. It says that if you abide in Me, AND My Words abide in you, you SHALL ask what you will, and it SHALL be done unto ("for") you!!!!! Notice that Jesus did not say anything about "according to His will" as in 1Jn 5, because He did not have to. You see, we MUST understand that when you are ABIDING in Him and in His WORD, you will NOT ask for things that are NOT according to the will of God! Do you get it?!!? The believer that continually abides in the Word of God and in Christ SHALL have an effective and fervent prayer life that availeth MUCH [Jam 5:16] because he/she will pray and LIVE according to the WILL of God!! Thus, this believer, being locked into the Source, will NOT get (or remain) discouraged, because they understand that joy comes in the morning even though weeping endures for a night [ps 30:5]. They have a Divine revelation on counting it ALL joy when they are going through [Jam 1:2-4]!! They know what it means that in His presence is FULNESS of JOY [ps 16:11]. Oh somebody needs to praise Him right Now!! Get a revelation on who the Problem FIxer is and how He already knows what you will ask BEFORE you ask it and furthermore He has the answer before you fix your lips to utter a word [Is 65:24]!! Lastly, understand that My God can and WILL do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL that you can ASK or even THINK according to the Power [i.e., the Holy GHost] that is in you [Eph 3:20]!!!! Have a Great and Productive day in the Lord!! 2 Fingas!

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus!!!!" Phil 4:19


Praise the Lord!!!! I heard Tony Evans say that discouragement comes in, when you forget what God did for you yesterday (simply) because you begin to focus on your circumstances of today. Selah (pause) ...... Please read that again to make SURE that you "get it"...... Today, I am here to discourage you from getting/being discouraged. Rather, Be encouraged because God is BIGGER than your WHATEVER!! That's why He's that "I AM" [Jn 5:58; Ex 3:14] in any situation that arises! Saints of God, please understand that we serve a MIGHTY God!! Jer 32:17 encourages us that there is NOTHING too hard for God! Phil 4:13 tells us that we can do ALL things through Christ, but Jn 15:5 warns us that without Him we can do NOTHING! Oh yeah, Dr. Evans said something else that was really profound. He said that we often get discouraged because we focus on our situation (or "problem") rather than on God. Man, that Brother is heavy!! Be encouraged to STOP looking at your problem and KEEP your eyes on the Lord! Ps 121 tells us to look unto the hills because that's where our help comes from. Is 26:3 tells us that God will keep us in PERFECT PEACE, whose eyes are STAYED on Him, because we continualy trust in Him!!! Keep your eyes on the Problem Fixer and STOP focussing on your problem (s)! Be encouraged that even when people don't seem to see your needs, God sees them!! Begin to encouraged yourself like David did [1 Sam 30:6] and cry out to God for help. Sometimes we don't get help because we don't ask [Jam 4:2]. We begin to think carnally instead of Biblically, and say to ourselves "God sees my need, so why doesn't He meet it??? God wants us to cry out to Him because He promised that WHATSOEVER we ASK (according to HIS will) and do NOT doubt in our hearts, we SHALL have it [1Jn 5:14-15; Mk 11:23-25!! Stand on and hope in the Word of God [Ps 130:5]! Have a Blessed Day!!

acts 17:11

Have Faith in God [Mk 11:22] and forget about you situation!!!!


No "Thoughts" from me today. Instead, here is a POWER-PACKED message from one of our sistas on the net Ms. Diana D.!! It is kinda long because it contains three parts. THerefore, read it in parts if necessary, but DON'T miss out on your blessing!!

Tiiiight Word Diana!!!!!! Keep giving out as God has given you [1 Pet 4:11]!!! Two fingas :)!

I would like to share some VERY POWERFUL daily devotions from the "In Touch" Magazine (Charles Stanley ministries). There are three separate entries, but they all tie together. I pray that you all are blessed by them. Let me know how you like them...if you would like to know how to order this magazine for yourself, let me know & I'll pass that info along.

James 1:2-4

Adversity is God's choice tool for building character and equipping us for future ministry.

Read: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 Nothing has the ability to strip away human pretense and false humility like adversity. It has a way of revealing who we really are, what we are made of, how we view life. Not only that, but adversity also reveals our view of God and our ability to trust Him in difficult situations.

It brings to the surface hidden emotions such as fear, low self-esteem, and jealousy. It is likewise efficient in illuminating our strengths. If the adversity comes as the result of a personal attack or betrayal, it shows whether we are willing to forgive those who have betrayed us.

Most importatly, adversity is a gauge of our level of faith. If we trust God in the small trials, then when the winds of adversity howl, we are much more likely to stand in faith rather than retreat in weakness. This principle is magnified in the life of the apostle Paul. Several times, he mentions the hardships he endured. Recalling past trials gave Paul an opportunity to honor God for His faithfulness.

Within every problem or sorrow is hidden blessing as well as an opportunity for a lesson of faith. Paul's "thorn in the flesh" (12:7-10) kept him humble and focused on the sufficiency of Christ. If adversity has besieged your life, ask God to show you the blessing He has for you and the lesson He wants you to learn.

> Grace means the free, unmerited, unexpected love of God, and all the benefits...which flow from it.

Read 2: Corinthians 7:9-10
The word "guilt" is used very few times in the New Testament, but when it is, it is always a translation of Greek words meaning "liable" or "responsible".

What is so important about the translation of guilt, however, is what it does not mean. Guilt is not a feeling. It is a condition arising as a result of fault or wrongdoing. After you do something wrong and the Holy Spirit convicts you, you feel guilty for a time. That is, you experience a sense of your blameability, but the guilt itself is not a feeling.

As a believer, you are forgiven in Jesus Christ and blameless. When you experience feelings of shame arising from guilt, those feelings are not an indication of your state of righteousness in Christ. Those emotions are intended to point you to what Jesus did for you on the cross, so that you come to Him and confess your sin.

Confession does not "erase the slate" again. Christ died so you might experience forgiveness, past, present, and future. Confession is an act of obedience that humbly reminds you of your dependence on the Lord, and it allows you to experience emotionally what has already occurred positionally.

If you continue to feel guilty even after you have confessed, then your emotions are false. 1 John 1:9 says "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving. Benjamin B. Warfield

Read: Psalm 32
Have you ever done or said something you regretted deeply? Do you still feel guilty even after you have confessed it to the Lord and made things right with all involved?

You could be suffering from false guilt. For every offense you commit, you must forgive yourself.

Otherwise, you descend into the mire of low self-esteem that eventually paralyzes your ability to love with pure motives.

You will be stuck in a behavior pattern of obligation, feeling the continual need to please others in an attempt to make up for what you did.

William Backus and Marie Chaplan explain in their book "Telling Yourself The Truth": "When Jesus said, 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,' He prepared the way for us to be able to love ourselves in the purest sense. Condemnation, guilt, despair, self-degredation, shame and self-hate have all been nailed to the cross in His body.

"By His taking our sin on the cross with Him, we are set free to live healthy and abundant lives with wholesome, pure, swept-clean attitudes.

"When our lives are really beautiful in the eyes of God, they are pure and clean in the holiest sense...

"If we lay down our lives out of guilt and self-hate, we are not fulfilling the very meaning of the above verse..."


How is everyone today? It's been a while since I've sent any "Thoughts" over the net, but I've been thinking of you all. Thanks to ALL of you for your prayers, calls, emails, etc. I really appreciate them. Please keep my family in prayer. I love music. How about you? Even though I'm not a "songbird", I like to sing along while I'm riding (just like most of you). Today I just want to encourage you (whether you are in a choir, a soloist (in church or in your car [ :) ]), etc.) to know what you are sing. Understand the words that you utter. Ps 47:7 tells us to sing ye praise with understanding! let the songs you sing be scripturally based and songs of deliverance, joy, etc. As you listen to the words of songs, be encouraged to think of the God's Word and how these words relate to a scripture or a story in the Bible. Remember Kings Solomon already told us that there is NOTHING new! Therefore, it's in the Book! If the words are familiar to you (in regard to the Word), praise Him!! If not, be encouraged to dig into your Bible in your quiet time and find out. Anyway, that's all for today. It's good to be back and I missed you all :). Have a Blessed day!

Zech 4:6

"..I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, I will sing with the understanding also." 1 Cor 14:15


I have been thinking about Zech 4:6 alllll day, so I thought I would stop in quickly [:)] and share it with you all. It says, "... Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord of hosts." Be encouraged and understand that ALL that you do that will really mean anything will NOT by your power or strength. You know, some of us try to pursuade people to get saved by flattering and intellegent words, usage of the greek and hebrew definitions, scare tactics, and many other things that basically amount to one simple thing; Y.O.U. That's why people aren't getting saved or being changed! Yea, Lk 14:23 tells us to go out and "compel" those that are lost to come into the house of God, but do we go out in our power, our wits, etc. or do we step out on faith and TOTALLY rely on God?

Sheep Check... Selah....... Be encouraged that when you "go out" , DO NOT go out with "excellency of speech or wisdom" when you are talking about God just to show some one you know your stuff[1Cor 2:1-5]. Rather, be like Paul, whom even though he was instructed in the law by one of the greatest teachers (Gameliel), said all I know is Christ, and him crucified [vs 2]!! This way the foundation of their faith will NOT be based on the wisdom of man, but in the power of God! It's all about the Spirit; God's Spirit! It gives life [2Cor 3:6] and POWER [Acts 1:8]!! Therefore, go out in the power of God and He will speak for you [Mt 10:19-20]! Have a great and productive week!!


I will be out of town for the rest of the week. therefore, I urge you to continue to be diligent in your quiet time with the Lord and in the study of your Word. Email Cainn ( if you want him to forward you messages this week if you are not already receiving.

Be encouraged to KNOW how God operates. Someone might ask, "how do we know?" It's in the Book! We must understand that ALL that we need for today and tomorrow is in the Word of God!! God operates in our faith. That's why without it, we cannot please Him. Sometimes we go through soooo much stuff simply because we do not know how God operates. I heard one minister say that "God will NOT do for you what He has already called you and given you the power to do for yourself". You must get that!

We as Christians are always going through and sometimes it is because of our ignorance (i.e., lack of knowledge) of how God works. Mk 11:23-24 tells us that if we say to the mountain (in our lives) to be removed and believe it ("have faith") it shall come to pass; and whatsoever we ask, we shall receive, if we only believe. Now can someone tell me why do we sing songs about going up on the "rough side" of the mountain? God did not call you to climb no mountain, He called you to speak to that mountain, believe that He will do it for you, and it SHALL be removed (thanks Cainn)!! Hallelujah!!! But some of us would rather climb that mountain so that we can say that we are suffering for Christ, when in essence we have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge [Rom 10:2]. Be encouraged to know the Book and believe it! That's why Rom 3:4 says let God be true and every man a liar. We must believe what God has told us no matter what man's wisdom says [1Cor 1:27;2:14-15]! Don't misunderstand me, I DO NOT claim to have apprehended all of these things (as Paul stated), but that's why I'm still striving towards that mark [Phil2:13-14]!! Remember, God is telling you YES to HIs promises [2Cor 1:20]! However, it's on you to trust Him and have faith [Mt 21:22;Mk 11:24]! Have a BLessed Day!


Today, remember that as a COG, we HAVE the victory whenever we step out on the promises of God in faith; because God is saying yes to YOU in regard to ALL of His promises [2Cor 1:20]!! I know I have said this a million times, but I reeeally want you ALL to get this => We must remember that as a COG, we must operate in faith: for "the just shall live by faith" [Habb 2:4;Rom 1:17;Gal 3:11; 2Cor 5:7;Heb 10:38]! This is how we please Him and even know that He is [Heb 11:6]!! Have a Blessed day!


What's Love got to do with us?? Everything!! Be encouraged today to show your love always. Also, tell those you care about that you love them. Be encouraged not to get caught up in using the word "love" so loosely until it really becomes meaningless in most instances. Ask yourself, do I really mean it when I tell someone I love you "In Christ"? Or is this just "Christianese" (i.e, gargin)? Read 1 cor 13, 1Jn 4:7-21, and St Jn 15:12-17 and ask God to minister to your heart on what it means to love in deed and in truth, rather than with lip service [1Jn 3:18]. We must understand that God placed love above faith [1Cor 13:13]! Keeping in mind that God tells us that without faith it is impossible to please Him [Heb 11:6] and that our faith is what we should live by [2Cor 5:7], this is an interesting statement. Selah..... God simply wants us to be perfected in the very essence of what He is: for God is LOVE [1Jn 4:8]. The Bible tells us to owe NO man anything, EXCEPT to love one another; for he who loves another fulfills the law [Rom 13:8]! Why? Because ALL the law is fulfilled in one word: Thou shall love thy neighbor AS thyself [Gal 5:14]. Hmmmmm... Well what about the other law that Christ gave: Love the Lord thy God with ALL thy heart, soul, and mind [Mt 22:40]? Saints of God we MUST understand that this is how we show God that we love Him! Furthermore, God even warns us that if we do NOT show love to those we see hear in the flesh, we can NOT say that we love Him whom we have not seen [1Jn 4:20]!! Be encouraged today to show your love!! Begin to pray that God fills you with a compassion for others such that you can love them just as much as you love yourself. I understand that we will not be perfected in demonstrating that Apage'. Nevertheless, we should still strive towards that mark!! However, someday we will be perfected in these things as well as others because when He returns, I don't know what we shall be, but we SHALL be JUST like HIM [1Jn3:2]!!!!!